You may or may not have heard of Brave. I'm not talking about the adjective, or the verb, I'm talking about the web browser. Brave is a web browser built with privacy, speed, and content creators in mind.

I recently gave into the temptation to download Brave after hearing so many good comments about it, both from YouTubers I watch every day, and from friends and colleagues of mine who are like-minded when it comes to technology. I'm sure reading this, you have heard similar at times, or perhaps somehow this post went viral (though I highly doubt it) and you decided it would be a great time to read something out of the ordinary - in any case, thanks. ;-)

At first glance, Brave seemed a little overhyped. Many content creators pushed the whole "ad-free" and "tracker blocking" stuff which excites privacy enthusiasts, however in my view this isn't the best part of Brave, not by a long shot.

Brave has a Rewards system which both provides people browsing the Internet with a little extra pocket change each month, as well as providing content creators with a pretty painless way to earn some income each month from those who enjoy their content.

Brave allows users to contribute a set amount each month, or a one-off tip to Brave Verified Creators. At the surface this may seem a bit like other platforms, such as Patreon or Buy Me A Coffee, however it's even better than that.

While you have the Brave browser installed (which you can get by clicking this link) and Rewards enabled, you will earn money by up to 5 small notifications popping up on your computer each hour. It's pretty out of the way, and can be disabled at any point if you wish to do so. The plus side is that it's basically free money. You can replace standard ads on websites with Brave's built-in ad system. This way, you guarantee that you only see up to 5 ads per hour (or less if you decide that's what you want), and you also get paid for it. I mean, what's not to love about that?

I'm not saying you'll be rich in a month. Like I mentioned previously, this is pocket change, but it does add up... and considering that you usually get nothing by browsing the Internet (unless that's somehow your job), this is a pretty good deal.

In just a week, I have earned $0.07 USD. By doing essentially nothing outside of my normal routine.

Now, if this hasn't already convinced you, here's why I believe you should be switching today... it changes how content creators earn money, and enables safer, interruption-free browsing online.

Remember when I said that you can contribute a set amount each month? Well, that's great for the reason above. If a website can manage to have 1000 people contributing even $0.05 per month (bearing in mind I earned that in a week), that's $50. Of course, while Brave is still a small player, having 1000 people contributing $0.05 is quite unlikely, but as it grows I could imagine it becoming more common with awareness.

To put this into perspective, I currently pay about $5 each month for this website to run smoothly. If just 50 people decided to contribute $0.10 each month, my hosting bill would be paid for. That's just over a week's earnings through Brave, depending on how many ads you get.

Here's why else this is good: organisations which give you a lot of content, for free, ad-free, at your fingertips, rely on donations. You can give them that for free. Wikipedia, the world's largest digital encyclopedia, is driven by sponsors and donations from the public.

Based on Wikimedia's statistics website, Wikipedia had an average of 1.6 billion unique devices view the website each and every month from February 2019 to June 2019. If we assume 70% of those are actual unique visitors, that being 1,120,000,000, and each of those gave just $0.05 each month to Wikipedia, that would equate to $56,000,000 in income, absolutely for nothing.

Brave is an amazing browser which really gives us room for exploring new possibilities for how both Internet users and content creators can make money by doing what they normally do, but with less annoyance. I cannot recommend it enough, and genuinely believe it's what the Internet needs in order to finally put an end to a lot of the ad-filled websites.

Click here to explore Brave some more.